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Op De Knolle Bed & Breakfast is associated with Erfgoed Logies, a website specialised in luxury B&B's in heritage locations.

As long ago as in 1542 the farm and the lands of De Knolle were mentioned in old documents. The property was extensive and went as far as the province border.


The foundation of the Saxon farmhouse where Op De Knolle Bed & Breakfast is now established, goes back to 1715. There is a wall anchor to claim this date.


Behind the farmhouse there used to be 2 smaller farms. Mr. and Mrs. Kathmann who were guests of Op De Knolle in April 2014, used to own one of these houses as a holiday cottage from 1964 till the land consolidation in 1970.

On the old picture the holiday cottage may look very idyllic but remember that there were absolutely no utilities that we have become so used to.


In August 2014 our guest Mr. Oosterga, celebrated that he was born at De Knolle 65 years ago. We found a picture of the house he grew up in. Both pictures date from the 60's, courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Kathmann.