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Host of the area

To be able to inform our guests about the surroundings of Op De Knolle, we took the course Host of National Park Drents-Friese Wold and the course of the Society of Benevolence about the Colonies and the surrounding areas.

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A nice way to explore the surroundings of Op De Knolle is by Geocaching.

Geocaching is trying to find "hidden treasures' (caches) by using a GPS. There are simple caches which are easy to find and there are more difficult caches which demand some ingenuity. Caches come in all sorts and can be found everywhere from forests to city centres.


Would you like to try it? We will provide you with all the information and will help you to get on your way. If our schedule permits us, we would be happy to accompany you on your first caching-trip.

For geocaching you need a GPS. For our guests we have a Garmin Dakota 20 for rent which is very simple to operate.

For a small introduction you can have a look at this You-tube film.